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Part #: AO45119L
Any useful any where---yaxin

  Office Equipment
1.Printer launch automation
2.Computer DVD Driver automation
3.Camera shutter automation
4.Kneader door automation
5.Time attendance

  Aerospace and automobile industry
1.automobile door lock
2.automobile xeon light
3.aerospace launch automation

1.Computer embroidery line-cutting control
2.Computer embroidery jumping-control
3.Computer knitting machine
4.Needle-election machine

  Household Appliances
1.Coffee machine automation system control
2.Autoclave deflation control
3.Washing machine brakes control
4.Fridge/refridgeration controls.

  Fitness equipment
1.Sphygmomanometer controller
2.Electric mallet of massage chair
3.Foot massager
4.Legs beautician air-charging control
5.Massage bed flapping control
6.Air-cushion air-charging control

  Lock Automation
1.Electric lock
2.Hotel induction lock
3.Tap water system
4.Induction automatic door

  Machinary Automation
2.Terminal machine automation
3.Binding machine automation

  Intelligent Control
1.Cash register
2.Coin payphone